Students Quotes

  • It feels it good. I’m better at it now than before, and I feel proud, keeps you out of trouble. It makes you feel calm. [Student focus group, School 1]
  • If I’m really upset I do Capoeira, it makes me feel good again. (student focus group, school)
  • “It taught me about helping people. Everyone has to help each other”. (student focus group, school)
  • “I don’t like it when people tease anyone… In Capoeira you never tease anyone”. (student focus group, school

Teachers / Counsellor Quotes

  • I’ve seen with some of them now they’re starting to come back around and wanting to do work at school, which is the good thing, which is what it’s supposed to do, I suppose. [Interviewee 2, School]
  • “Those two have just blossomed. They have really become motivated; they have become engaged and connected”. (School teacher)
  • “I think too the confidence that it gives kids is very evident. Those kids are really feeling a new found sense of skill and ability” (IEC Counsellor).
  • It is been the best program for refugee students we ever had. EP School Counsellor