Why STARTTS has a Capoeira Angola Program ?

Many of the young people from refugee backgrounds that come to STARTTS have experienced high levels of trauma associated with their experience of violence, dispossession, conflict and living in protracted refugee camp situations.

For some young people, this trauma can cause behavioural issues and affect their ability to concentrate and build trusting relationships, especially in a school environment.

Capoeira Angola promotes empowerment, respect, self-awareness and develops individual strengths within a group structure. These characteristics are fundamental for a young person who is coming to terms with trauma and dislocation.

Classes are led by MestreRoxinho who brings with him 30 years of experience. MestreRoxinho was bestowed the title Mestre, or ‘Master’ by the Capoeira Angola community acknowledging that he is one of the true ‘voices’ of Capoeira Angola. MestreRoxinho guides the group, teaches movement, songs and dance, controls the roda and is a role model for all our students.