Youth Encounter

Youth Capoeira Angola Encounter Aims

The objectives of the youth encounter is to bring together young people of different backgrounds and ages to learn and enjoy a cultural event that included dancing, singing and instruments playing. The focus is on Capoeira Angola and the Afro-Brazilian cultural and masters from Brazil are invited to join and share their knowledge to the local students together with MestreRoxinho.

Youth Capoeira Angola Camp Aims

  • To provide a safe place for young people to interact
  • To provide activities that encourage participation in groups
  • Ÿ To provide opportunity for building connections and intimacy with peers.
  • To create a space where each participant is treated with dignity and respect
  • To break down social isolation, alienation and dislocation amongst participants
  • To increase trust, bonding and an understanding of others amongst participants
  • To increase self esteem and decrease risk taking amongst participants